Digital Reflection of Myself

Digital Reflection

This assignment of making a digital reflection of yourself was actually quite easy in my opinion. It was kind of easy because on my Xbox Live account I had already created a virtual/digital version of myself. The only thing that I had to figure out was how to get it from the screen to a picture that I can place as a jpg.

Then I thought that I can go to and sign into my account to find the picture. When I found the picture, I took a screenshot of my screen using the Mac app “Snip” which allows you to take any picture of your screen. After I had the avatar picture, I put it into the Sketchbook App. The next thing I did was find a fairly recent picture of me, so I picked a picture where I was sitting in a restaurant. However, I wanted both pictures to match and just filled in the background by painting it the same color background as the Avatar picture. It was kind of tough, because I didn’t want to paint over my face or head. I needed lots of concentration so I wouldn’t mess myself up. The last thing that I did was write text explaining which one was which to avoid confusion, because the digital version looks just like me.

Overall, I thought the assignment was going to be easy. But it turned out to be a little more difficult than anticipated because of making the background the same.

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