Week 12: Mashup Remixes

This week was all about mashups and remixes of assignments. It was filled with creative thinking and filled with designing/manipulating things to make them different then they were originally. Here is how my week doing mashups/remixes went.

On Monday, I did absolutely nothing except plan what assignments I would tackle throughout the week. It wasn’t a long process, because I figured out which assignments I wanted to do within 30 minutes of seeing that I had to complete 12 stars worth of assignments that includes one of the assignments dealing with my created character.

Tuesday, I started the Movie Trailer Mashup assignment; where I had to use my favorite movie trailer and mash it up with a different trailer to completely change the meaning of the trailer. So I thought that it would be fun to make a normally happy trailer into a more mature or horror version. I decided that this assignment should be related my character because I had a movie in mind. I thought of the happiest movie that I thought that I could make into a scarier version and thought of the animated 1995 movie “Toy Story”. This relates to my created character of Buck, because the character in Toy Story of “Woody” is a cowboy sheriff that shows leadership and bravery around the people in the area. Woody is basically the inspiration of me creating Buck Smith.

After I mashed together 2 trailers of Toy Story I placed the Walking Dead theme as the background music to make it intimidating, creepy, and darker than the usual happiness of the Toy Story.

Then on Wednesday, I completed the two assignments of the Movie Poster Mashup and the Favorite Team Mashup which were all remixed to make them more stars. I didn’t know that remixing assignments would also increase the stars given, so I was extremely happy that this would count toward the 12 stars required from the week. 

For the Movie Poster Mashup, I combined the two comparable movies of “Olympus Has Fallen” and “White House Down” into a movie poster. Then for the remix I had to use a foreign language somewhere in the assignments. So I translated my made up movie combo title into Spanish and designed the poster using my Sketchbook app on my computer.

Meanwhile, for the Favorite Team Mashup assignment I designed a picture using two of my favorite teams (Oakland Raiders and Philadelphia 76ers). Then for the remix, I hid Waldo in one of the letters of the main Raiders logo.

Thursday, I made a tutorial showing future Digital Storytelling students how I/how to complete the Lines, Dots, and Curve assignment in the easiest possible way by using the Sketchbook app that I use on my Mac computer. For this, I had to figure out how to make a video of my current screen. But after I figured out how, I was able to easily create a tutorial on how I used the Sketchbook app to complete the assignment. 

However, after I recorded the assignment; I realized that some things might be different than in the tutorial video because my Sketchbook version is an older version. The one that is downloaded in the video has some different/newer features than the Sketchbook version that I have. I originally figured they were the exact same, but some tools might be in different places.

Then right before I went to bed, I remembered that I needed to complete a Daily Create or else I wouldn’t be able to make the daily create quota of 2 during the week. So I quickly completed the daily create where I had to draw leaves using negative space. This was easy for me, because all I did was open up my Sketchbook app and draw the outline of leaves; then I painted the background black to make it negative space.

Finally it was Friday, the day where I spent the whole day posting all the assignments I had done throughout the week. But that wasn’t the only thing that I needed to do on such a beautiful Friday. The last thing that I had to do before ending the week was complete the last daily create, which was to make a design celebrating the power of 4. For this, I wanted to combine 4 different color cars (preferably Lamborghinis). So I searched Google for pictures of 4 different color Lamborghinis and found a white, grey, black, and green Lamborghini. Then using the Sketchbook I combined all parts into a collage-like picture design. After I combined them, I placed the image into a new app I bought called ColorStroke so I could suck out all the color except for the colors on the cars. I figured this would make the cars more pronounced in their photos. 

Overall, this week was pretty nice when it came to the amount of assignments that had to be done this week. Just the thought that Digital Storytelling is almost over this year makes me kind of sad; and this week is just an example at how far I’ve come with creating things on my computer. Being able to remix and manipulate images is only attainable if you are comfortable with just creating media; so for me to be able to remix and mashup things this week easily, it shows that I am a lot more comfortable with creating digital media.


Daily Creates:


Movie Mashup (Remix)

Movie Poster Mashup (Remix)

Favorite Team Mashup (Remix)

Lines, Dots, & Curve Tutorial

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