Western movies are not the normal movies that I usually watch. But this week I watched one of the best Western movies I have ever seen of “Unforgiven” which starred Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, and Gene Hackman. Here are some of my impressions of this great movie.

Unforgiven is a great movie filled with a gripping plot that entitles a classic western revenge tale. I’ve always enjoyed revenge movies and this was no exception. It perfectly captured the expectations that I had of that time period. Such as the treatment of animals during that time, their misguided concept of people as property, the open plains of the west, stereotypical barbaric outlaws, everyone cussing, the hardships of travel, and unjust use of the justice system. Other than making me think about these, this movie had deep characters that changed your views on them as the movie went on. For example, I figured the sheriff was just making a mistake in the beginning; but as the movie went on I found that Little Bill just wanted to show people he had power. Little Bill didn’t care about his towns’ feelings, he just wanted to show he was in charge. These characters were brought to life by their great actor and actress counterparts, relating to us as people and bring emotion to characters. Overall, I really enjoyed watching this movie and would recommend it to anyone wanting to watch a solid movie that captures the Western genre.

Over the past couple of weeks, my perception on the Western genre has changed pretty dramatic. No longer do I just think of cowboys and indians. Now I think of the common themes of people at peace with nature and its animals, the sense of freedom, the unlawfulness of a time period hard to contain, and its place as a important part of America’s history. I am seeing Westerns in a different light, and I kind of like it.

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