Movie Poster Mashup (Remix)

The original assignment was to take two comparable movies that you like and create a movie poster that incorporates both movies. Then the remix was to translate or add a foreign language to the assignment in some way. Overall, this assignment would then total 6 stars due to the remix.

I tried to think of two recent movies that I felt could be compared. At the same moment that I was thinking, my friend texted me saying he had just went to the movie theaters and saw “London Has Fallen”, the second movie after “Olympus Has Fallen”. I really liked Olympus Has Fallen and immediately thought of its comparison. When I first saw the movie, I would have compared it to the original “Die Hard”, but I also realized that a very similar movie had been released at the very same time. That movie was “White House Down” featuring Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx. The plot was similar in the fact that both are action movies, the White House was attacked, and both movies involve rescuing the President with no backup.

So to complete the assignment I found two minimalistic movie wallpapers and save them to my computer. Then when I opened up my Sketchbook app, I imported the bigger wallpaper (Olympus Has Fallen) to be used as the background. By using another tab of the Sketchbook app I imported the other wallpaper (White House Down), so that I could crop out everything except the main character. After I did that, I transferred the cropped wallpaper to the Olympus has Fallen Wallpaper.

The next thing that I did was come up with a title that incorporated both names. Then by using text on the Sketchbook app, I placed white text over the black text that read “White House: Olympus”. The only problem with this was that it was English, I had to change it to a foreign language. So I deleted the original text and looked up the Spanish translation for the title I originally wanted. After I found the translation, I added the same style text onto the created movie poster.

To conclude, this was a fun and interesting assignment that helped me figure out how to crop image figures using my Sketchbook app. I might have made a couple mistakes while cropping the figure into the movie poster, but I am happy with the end result.

White House Olympus Spanish Remix

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