Kingsman: The Secret Service Silent Trailer

For this assignment, I had to make a 3-5 minute movie trailer formatted the same way as movie trailers from the silent era where the trailers had black & white, silent dialogue, musical backgrounds, and title cards.

The movie trailer that I decided to use for the assignment was Kingsman: The Secret Service. I chose this trailer because it was right at 3 minutes at 2:55 and I actually really liked this movie. It was action-packed and comedic, which are exactly the types of movies that I have always liked. Plus, I figured a spy movie would be perfect for a silent era trailer.

For completing the assignment, I used Firefox once again to convert the trailer from Youtube to the compatible MP4 used in iMovie. After importing the trailer into iMovie, I placed the silent era filter onto the trailer; but it still had sound, so had to use another feature of iMovie to mute all sound.

I didn’t know what title cards were until I looked them up. Then after putting the trailer together, I tried to spreading them out throughout using vague explanations to keep the audience still informed about what the trailer is about. It was quite easy to create the cards because it was yet another feature that could be used in iMovie.

The last thing that I needed to do for the trailer was put in some movie soundtrack music for the background. I wanted music that was instrumental and would build up throughout the trailer. I searched through my iTunes looking for anything instrumental, until I realized that the only movie soundtrack music I had that was instrumental would fit perfect with the trailer. It was the soundtrack music from the first Transformers movie by Steve Jablonsky called “Arrival to Earth” and the song was continually building up. I decided to test out the music on the trailer, and then watched it. It matched everything that I wanted out of the trailer; so I kept it in the trailer.

To conclude, I am really proud of the end result of this silent era trailer.


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