Giannis Antetokounmpo “Greek Freak” Highlight Mix

This was by far the coolest assignment that I had the chance to do. The assignment was channel my inner ESPN and clip together a highlight mix to your favorite athlete, adding music to the background, and having an intro. I have so many favorite athletes, so it was hard to pick just one player to create a highlight mix for. I ended up creating a highlight mix for Giannis Antetokounmpo, also known as the “Greek Freak”, due to his long wingspan and unlimited athletic potential ability. I chose the Greek Freak because he has been one of the reasons why my fantasy basketball team has gone so far. Also, he has exceeded expectations by a large margin and I appreciate players that have tried hard to exceed expectations.

I had never used iMovie or any sort of video editing softwares, so it was definitely an experience trying to figure out how iMovie worked in creating the highlight. After fiddling around with all the features of iMovie I still needed clips to mix together. Using Firefox, I was able to grab the videos that I needed clips from by converting them to compatible MP4s that is used in iMovie. After I had all the videos needed for the highlight mix, I delete the parts that I didn’t want from each video and clipped all the clips together to make a pretty good highlight mix.

For the music in the background, I wanted to find some sort of music that would be related to basketball and hype up the audience. I figured rap music would be the best choice for a highlight mix because all the best highlight mixes I’ve seen usually has rap music that tries to hype you up for the player in the heights. I didn’t want to purchase any more music, so I decided to go through my own iTunes to find a song. Finally I found 2 songs that I felt would be good for hyping up the audience; but the only thing that might be a problem is that there are curse words in the songs. I figured were all adults and Youtube didn’t flag it, so I kept the songs in the mix.

Now for the intro, I guess the theme that I used with iMovie includes placing the name of the video in the beginning. So I figured that was intro enough. Also, I had the first clip with real-time sound from that game; and then switched to the background music after the first clip. This was the intro that I felt wasn’t too flashy, yet was satisfying for the viewers.

Overall, this assignment was the funnest assignment I’ve done in Digital Storytelling and I hope to make more athlete highlight mixes in the future for my own enjoyment.

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