Google Translate Fail

In this 2 star assignment, I had to find a website that was in a foreign language and laugh at how awful the translation is when pressing the translate to English button using Google Chrome. This was pretty easy assignment because I already had an idea what website I was going to look at in a different language.

That site was the Spanish NBA website, which I had heard about in one of my other classes this semester. So I went to the website using Google Chrome and pressed the translate button after reading what it said in Spanish. I was able to read what it said because I took Spanish in college, and I had the ability to read Spanish very clear after taking the course; the only thing that I have trouble with in Spanish is speaking and listening to it.

Spanish NBA

From translating it to English, the only mistakes that I could find was examples where the English translation didn’t pick up some of the Spanish, so it was kept in Spanish still.

Spanish NBA 2

Other than this clear mistake, there weren’t any other mistakes on the website, so I have to give credit to Google for having a pretty accurate translation tool. For 2 stars, this assignment was characterized perfectly and I wish there were more easy assignments like this one. Here is a link to the website where I used the Google Translate.

Spanish NBA Link

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