Seventh Week: Radio Show Week 1

This week was a very busy week for me anything really substantial done for the Radio Show Project. It seems like all my professors just wanted to get one last test in before spring break. Although I was really busy during the week, I was able to complete all the assignments assigned for this week. I wasn’t really happy in the beginning of the week that all assignments that I needed to complete were audio related, but I figured it was a week where I could work on my audio creating skills. Then next week, I will easily be able to focus on the Radio Show Project without the distraction of other classes and be able to contribute better audio skills than the week before. Here is a recap of how week 7 treated me this week.

On Monday, I planned out all the assignments that I planned on completing throughout the week and started working on my first assignment of the week of the 10 stars worth of audio assignments we needed to complete. The first assignment I started doing was where I had to make a song about 800% slower than usual. I followed all the steps described in the assignment and the song of “Trap Queen” by Fetty Wap sounded absolutely horrible. I figured that it was supposed to be bad, so I just posted it to SoundCloud. Then I worked on the assignment of making a favorite song of mine into an instrumental and cutting it down to 30 seconds to have others guess what song it is. Since I had already done my favorite song earlier this semester, I chose another one of my favorite songs that I listened to as a kid. I picked my favorite song from an artist who I always thought was one of the best ever, but not many people know of now. The only reason not many people know about D’Angelo is because he’s had drug issues for many years and only released albums in 5 and 15 year intervals the last 20 years. Anyways, I tried using a guide from Google on how to make it an instrumental and it didn’t work out so pretty. So I found the instrumental on Youtube and converted it MP3 and then figured out by trial and error how to cut it down to 30 seconds. After completing the instrumental assignment I tried to post it to SoundCloud but wasn’t allowed to because of copyright issues.

Tuesday, I did my Daily Create of the week. It was such an easy task of taking a picture in front of a clock that read 1:06, but it was the most nerve wracking daily create I’ve ever done. The problem was that I have Business Communications class at that time, so I set a silent alarm to alert me when to take a quick selfie with the clock. The silent alarm went off, and I had a giant clock pulled up on my computer. So I started to take out my phone to take a picture; at that moment my professor asked what was I doing and I explained the assignment. I had only 10 seconds left, accidentally pressed the wrong button on my phone, then the clock turned to 1:07. I was mad that I missed it, so I figured I could take a picture at 4:06 because it would be 1:06 on the Pacific Coast. Then at 4:06 that day, I had to recruit my mom’s help to take my picture with my clock. She started pressing the wrong buttons on my phone, and I was getting worried again. She took the picture and we both looked at the clock in the photo to make sure we made it. Two seconds more and we would have missed it again. Other than this Daily Create and getting an email from my group members, I didn’t do anything more for DS106 on Tuesday. However, I did think about what I was going to do for my future assignments in the week.

On Wednesday, I worked on the assignment of creating a theme song by creating a theme song for my created western character of the “Fastest Gun in the West”. It was time-consuming, but the experience I had attained from Audacity actually started to make it kind of easy to complete by the end. Then after I had created the theme for my character and posted it to SoundCloud, I figured I should try to redo 800% slower assignment to make it able to be listened to without making your ears scream in pain. I didn’t want people to be in so much pain from listening to it, and I tried to make it less horrible. In that way, I achieved my goal of not making your ears hurt with a constant screeching sound. Now, is it good? Probably not, but at least I tried. 

Thursday, I did another Daily Create. I was a little confused by the assignment description, but I think I figured it out. I had to create a triple related quote for this assignment, and it is really confusing to detail.  For this assignment the only famous western related figure I could think of was John Wayne who starred in the most western movies humanly possible. Then I saw he was an Academy Award winning actor, so I tried to find a quote from another Academy Award winning actor next. I figured Clint Eastwood was perfect because he was an Academy Award winning actor and related to western movies. I looked up his memorable quotes and chose a supportive quote that talked about respect. The last person for the triple quote that I picked was Hugh Jackman because he’s a pretty good actor and looks like the doppelgänger of a young Clint Eastwood. After I put them all together using my Sketchbook app, I had finished the Daily Create for the day. Later on in the day, I realized I needed some more assignments with stars for my created character; so I quickly found the assignment of reading in a western slang and just recorded myself saying Langston Hughes’ poem “Life is Fine” with my most western accent I could make with my voice.

Friday, I only had one class during the day and worked on all my Digital Storytelling work the whole day to make sure everything was done. I started posting all my assignments, and created the awesome Radio Show Poster using my Sketchbook app. The only problem I had was the last Daily Create of making a video of me making a western sound effect using random objects. I couldn’t think of anything I could do, until my mom mentioned making a sound with keys that might sound like Cowboy spurs. I realized that they actually did sound exactly the same; so I enlisted my dad’s help in filming me make the western sound effect of Cowboy spurs using car keys. Then I got on my Xbox to play a game and ended up talking to one of my group members for the Radio show project about what our plan for the next week was. I ate dinner after playing a game, and then made the Radio Show Progress post. I didn’t get how people were posting their Radio Show progress posts on Monday and Tuesday even though they still had the whole week to progress in their Radio Show activities. I waited to do that last because I wanted to include as much as I could into my Progress post. I don’t have a lot posted as actual progress, but it’s still progress in establishing an effective communication with group members and organizing work we were going to do when Digital Storytelling is our one focus for the week. Lastly, I wrote this Weekly Summary and now I’m just tired.

Overall, a very hectic week that was filled with learning to build through weaknesses of audio creation and Daily Creates that were assignments that would throw you off your game. 


Daily Creates:


“Trap Queen” Slowed

Guess the Song

Cowboy Theme Song

Langston Hughes’ “Life is Fine” Western Slang Reading

Radio Show Promo (Tombcast)

Radio Show Week 1

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