Guess the Song

This assignment was more tricky than expected. In this assignment, I had to cut down my favorite song to 30 seconds and remove the lyrics so that people could guess what it was. It sounded pretty easy, but it turned out to be more time consuming than expected. I figured I should pick a different favorite song than Kenny Lattimore’s “Never Too Busy” since it would be obvious from my previous favorite song post what song it is. So I decided to pick another favorite song of mine that I heard as kid.

I imported the song into Audacity, and looked up on Google how I could remove lyrics using Audacity. I followed the directions from and played it. I could still barely hear the lyrics, so I decided on a different approach. This time I found the instrumental of the song on Youtube, and converted it to a MP3. The last thing I had to was cut it down; and I couldn’t figure out how for about 10 minutes. Then after trial and error I finally figured out how to cut it down to 30 seconds. Even though it sounds like there might voices, that is part of the background to the song and are not actual lyrics to the song.

After I had finished with cutting down the song to 30 seconds and removing the lyrics; I tried to post it to SoundCloud. But every time I posted it in SoundCloud, it would get removed due to copyright issues. So I figured the only way you could hear the song to be able to guess was to post it into this post.

Here are some hints on what song this is:

  • This song is from 1995 and the singer is a well-known R&B singer that has had drug abuse issues
  • The song is the title of his debut album
  • This artist took 5 years to release his next album, and 15 years for his most recent album

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