DS106 Radio Bumper

I didn’t know what a radio bumper was until it was described to me in the assignment. Then after I knew what it was, I kept thinking about what radio bumper would be good if I had a radio show. So I recorded my very own radio bumper for my own site Cadillaceazy Media, and it only took 5 tries to get it right. Just then as I was verifying that I did the assignment, I realized the radio bumper had to be for DS106 radio.

After I realized that, I recorded another radio bumper  on one try that went with the western theme of DS106 radio that I listened to a snippet of. I had heard banjo songs on the DS106 radio, so I figured a banjo would be perfect as a radio bumper for the DS106 radio.

This time, I knew what I was doing in Audacity and was able to put the background banjo music easily in the background after finding banjo sounds on freesound.org. However, I couldn’t figure out how to change the volume for individual parts, so there the background banjo might drown out my voice while listening. 

Here is the banjo-filled radio bumper I created:

Also, I found a DS106 wallpaper and thought it was appropriate to be the featured image just because it said DS106.

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