Week 11: Finishing Videos

This week there were a lot of video assignments to complete. I admit, I was very intimidated when I saw that we had to complete 16 stars worth of assignments and 3 daily creates. But after going through the week, I can say that it wasn’t as bad as I expected. Here is a description of my week.

I started on Sunday by planning all assignments that I would plan to complete during the week and looked at the Daily Create, but wasn’t interested in doing that Daily Create. After planning all the assignments to complete, I decided to get started on Monday on the Intro Assignment of creating an intro that could be used for a beginning of a movie.

Since it was required that we have 10 stars worth of assignments related to our created character, I thought this assignment would be a great opportunity for stars for my character because of it being worth 4 and a half stars. So my objective was to find a video with a western theme and relate the narration to my character.

To complete this assignment I searched Youtube until I found a Planet Earth video that just showed beautiful views of desert settings. Then I transferred the video to iMovie and trimmed the video to be around 1 minute and 23 seconds. While searching for a perfect video of the western setting I came across background music on one of the videos that I felt would match better with the setting of the video I would use. So using Mp3ify, I found the video on Youtube with the background music of Gramatik by Brave Men and converted the video’s audio into a MP3 on my computer. After converting the audio to an MP3 I imported the music into iMovie and trimmed the song to match the video.

As for the narration, I figured that most movie intros only have the title narrated before the movie begins. I didn’t want the narration to take away from the beautiful desert backgrounds in the video. Also, since my character is sort of a mysterious character; I wanted to keep the mystery alive to begin the movie. To narrate the intro, I placed a title slide at the end of the video that said “The Unexpected” because it relates to the nickname for the created character of Buck Smith. After finishing the creation of the intro video I uploaded it to Youtube on Tuesday.

I also was able to complete the daily create of describing what march madness means to you (not including basketball). This was actually kind of tough because march madness has always been about basketball to me. I figured that since march madness basketball has lots of upsets, that I should think of march madness as a time for upsets. Whether it through college basketball upsets, or being upset with all the work that professors are giving us to complete the semester. So I found a picture of a crying/upset cartoon puppy dog and posted it Twitter as “March Madness= Upsets”.

Tuesday, I started filming for the Moving object Vine assignment of canned beans (due to my created character loving canned beans) and the 5 Second Film assignment of my dad’s plan for every day (Taking over the WORLD!!). 

To make sure that I got good footage for the vine, I had my mom assist me by video taping the incident using vine. It was actually harder than I thought because my mom had never used Vine before, so we had to film a rolling can of beans 5 different times until my mom figured out how to use Vine to make a video. To portray the motion I had my mom roll the can of beans to me at the other end of the table.

As for the 5 second film assignment, I didn’t want it to feel scripted; so I just asked my dad what he planned to do on a random day and secretly filmed him. He just so happened to say his usual daily plan of “Coming up with a plan to take over the world”, which he heard from “Pinky and the Brain” which is an animated TV series about 2 mice. The main character “Brain” said that phrase and now my dad always uses it. After filming my dad, I imported the video into iMovie; added a visual filter (because it was dark footage), and then posted it to Youtube.

Then Wednesday came along, where I started working on the mini-documentary assignment and completed the daily create of thinking of an ACME product that would help the Coyote catch the RoadRunner. For the daily create, I already knew that the RoadRunner was always faster than the Coyote; so a drink that would make the Coyote just as fast as the RoadRunner would put him on an even playing field. I decided to use an image from one of my favorite movies of “Space Jam” where Bugs Bunny tricked all the Looney Tunes to be self-confident by having them drink Michael Jordan’s Secret Stuff (Water). So I placed the image into my Sketchbook App and changed it from “Michael’s Secret Stuff” to “ACME Super Speed”. Then I posted the photo and context onto Twitter. As for the mini-documentary I decided to make my mini-documentary a compilation of pictures of the western setting and dark/covered silhouettes that can’t be seen clearly combined with title cards for questions and audio of me answering the questions as the created character Buck Smith. So I found all the images needed and organized them in order of the questions I wrote down for the documentary.

Thursday, I completed the mini documentary assignment by adding title cards with the questions for my created character of Buck Smith, recording my audio for the audio files needed for the documentary, and added background music to the title cards of Jason Aldean’s intro to “Tonight Looks Good on You”.

Friday, I had completed all the weeks assignments I wanted to complete and had to finish up the week by doing the last daily create of the week. This daily create was to take a serious selfie because it was April Fool’s Day. For this daily create, I had a little trouble because I naturally smile when taking a picture; so I had to try to frown to make a serious face. But after a couple of minutes I was able to take a serious selfie picture with my phone. Then I posted it onto Twitter.

Overall, this week was not as bad as I thought that it would be and I believe I was able to complete more than 16 stars worth of assignments with at least 10 stars being related to my character of Buck Smith. I’m kind of done with doing video assignments and look forward to changing up the assignments by doing some remix/mashup assignments.


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