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This week there was special assignment that was assigned to the video group where we had to go through all the posts throughout the week and post what we thought were the top 6 videos of the week. Then we would have to describe why we picked that specific video as one of the top videos of the week. We mostly communicated by email and created a Google Docs so that we could post to it whenever we could throughout the week. Here is the video group’s top 6 of week that is color-coded for each person.

Julianna Procaccini-

One of the best video assignments I saw this week was PSA: Buy Local by Clueless Tiff. This required her to make a public service announcement which she did with her character, Riza, who is a saloon owner. I selected this video because I think she did a great job. Not only did she make a funny video with a lot of pictures and audio overlay, but her western accent was perfect! My favorite part is when she says if the listener comes into her saloon today she would give them a free drink-then she pauses and goes “I cannot believe I just said that.” Overall I think it was an extremely good video that brings up a real issue in modern times with small businesses having to close down because big businesses, such as Walmart or Target, get all the customers. I also appreciated that she put a blurb at the bottom with the text from the video just incase you couldn’t understand what she said.

Liam Caudill-

I really like this mini-documentary from Michael Anzelmo. The production he did on the piece makes it appear professional, and he fleshed out a lot of his character’s backstory in just three short minutes. I’ve always found that representing a character with actual photos tends to be difficult, but not only did he accomplish that for his character, but a large supporting cast of characters. I also concur with the 3 Inspiring Video Moments and College is a Rodeo, those were my first two initial choices, but you beat me to it.

Mason Latimer-

One of the best video assignments that I saw this week was 3 Inspiring Video Moments by khiser. In this assignment he had to find 3 scenes from movies that he felt had the most impact on his life. I chose this video as one of the best video assignments because it was organized, clear to hear, and had very good movie scenes that people should see. Scenes of courage, bravery, inspiration, fight, and helpfulness in others is prevalent throughout all the scenes that he chose from Band of Brothers, Pacific Rim, and Pay It Forward. The scenes would be enough for me to nominate this video as one of the best. But it also had audio about how these scenes impacted his life.

Christina Gaul-

I think one of the best assignments this week was the video assignment done by Carlee, Jenna, Tierra, and Lindsey. They named their video College is a Rodeo, which on its own is a very clever title.  They did the group video project, and they each recorded their own day in the life of Mary Washington. Each person acted as their character, and explained what it was like moving, and how UMW was different. I love how they all filmed their walk to class, and it was fast forwarded. It gave the whole video a cool effect. Also, I like the music that they each put to their video. I think they did a great job at incorporating all of their characters, without having to do too much tedious work. Their creativity and great video editing skills makes them very deserving to be in the top posts of this week.

Sara Sciulla-

I think the best assignment I saw this week was the video assignment done by Cadillaceazy Media, for Western Intro: The Unexpected. The reason I liked this assignment so much was because it was dramatic, intense, and visually appealing. For a minute and a half, an eerie yet suspenseful music plays in the background of a few video clips of western affiliated things, such as long shots of canyons with the sun glaring down on them, and rolling hills of sand that remind you of a western desert. I also thought the editing and timing of the music and film together was pretty good, because as the music became more dramatic the shots became longer and more dramatic as well. I think the simpleness of the intro, the intense music, and the video clip selection for this assignment makes this post deserving of a spot in the top this week.

Sophia Therriault-

I agree that one of the better assignments I saw was a mini character documentary done by Michael. It was simple and professional, imitating actual documentary style filmmaking using voice overs and imaging such as old photos and scenery. This added to the professional aspect of the clip. The “History Channel” introductory image was an added bonus. I also really enjoyed the Benicio del Toro Montage created by one of the fellow students. It allowed for multiple, intense scenes to be isolated and stitched together into one fantastic homage to the actor. The blogger attempted to cut the scenes together to create an abstract story, making what should’ve been a jumbled clip into a story that flowed.

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