Third Week: Movies and Readings

This week I felt really confident that I could get all the assignments done without any problems. I figured I’d just go to the Simpson Library to pickup “Unforgiven” and then do all the assignments throughout the week. However, only one of those things actually went according to plan.

What went wrong with that plan? I didn’t know that you could only check out a reserved class movie for only 6 hours. I was going to take it home to watch and then return it the next day, but the library said they would charge $1 per hour after the 6 hours. So I decided to take the bullet and pay to rent it on Youtube the next day, and I’m glad I did because that movie is awesome. After the troubles with trying to rent the movie, everything else went according to plan for the rest of the week.

Before I watched the movie I watched the Youtube link about Vonnegut’s presentation about the shape of stories, and it kind of made me laugh a little while I was learning about characters changing on the wealth scale during stories. Then immediately after the movie I organized my website some more with a new section just for Digital Storytelling.

The day after I watched Unforgiven, I did one of the Daily Creates where you put an interesting quote from a Western on a picture. I figured the quote I picked was interesting because it is a variation of a quote that I’ve always liked growing up of “You’ll never make the shot, if you don’t take it”. So that’s why I picked that specific quote and found a picture to color that matched the quote. Then after I did that Daily Create, I read Elmore Leonard’s “Ice Man” and didn’t really like it because the bad guy got the money.

The next day, I took a break and decided to do some more work the day after instead.

After taking a break the day before, I did another Daily Create of making a Western reflection in some sort of window or screen. I’ve been having trouble with trying to put one image in another using the photography app on my computer, so I took snapshot of my computer screen reflecting a Western background back at me. And that was it for that day, because I wanted to finish all the assignments dealt with writing all in the same day.

The very last day, I did another Daily Create about taking a picture of a historical site in your neighborhood. So I figured that since Monroe Hall is in my neighborhood and it’s architecture suggests it’s a historical site, that it would be the perfect building to take a picture of. After finishing the Daily Creates, I did the Writing Assignment of writing a blog post to my mom. All I did was type what was on my heart about my mom, and then I sent a link to her after. She enjoyed it a lot, so that made me happy. But I just realized as I am typing this summary that I didn’t relate my letter to my mom to a Western theme. Next, I wrote a blog post that created a western character that I always wanted to be. So I made up a western character that is the Fastest Gun in the West, yet know one knows about it; from that point on I just elaborated with my imagination to build background for the character.

After those writing assignments, I made blog post that stated my impressions about the movie Unforgiven. And finished off all the assignments by incorporating Vonnegut’s presentation about the shaping of stories into my impressions of the story I didn’t like “Ice Man”.

To conclude, I would say that this week was a productive week in finishing all the assignments and I look forward to doing it again next week.

Daily Creates:

Blog Posts:

Letter to Mom

The Unexpected Gun


Ice Man

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