Second Week: Daily Creates and the Assignment Bank

This week was different than last week because my blog site was already established, so this week mostly dealt with capitalizing on last week’s activities. First, I went to the Digital Knowledge Center to figure out why featured images weren’t showing up after I posted things. After visiting the DKC, I thought I could figure out how to change the main font color to white to make it easier to see against the black background color of the site.

After, trying to make some improvements to the style format of the website I did the Daily Creates. The first one I did was to color a cow and post it to Twitter, which was kind of fun. I ended up using Sketchbook Pro and a photography app called Intensify to put colors on the blank colored cow. The next Daily Create that I did was to make a tweet of western kindness to someone I didn’t know. I figured that just posting something would be someone I don’t know because on Twitter everybody can see your posts no matter what. In my post I put a picture of my favorite cowboy “Woody” from Toy Story, and put some information that it was National Hug Day and to give someone a hug just cause.

I realized after completing the Daily Creates that I needed to do at least 3 random activities from the assignment bank. The assignment that I did first was to take a picture of something up close and have people guess what the picture is. I couldn’t really get outside to take a picture of something because I’m in a wheelchair, so I pulled up to my kitchen counter and was able to take a picture. Next, I wanted to do a writing assignment that would make me think; so I did the assignment where I had to write about how I pictured my life 10 years in the future. It was kind of depressing to think about my future, but it was nice to think about the possible good that could happen in my future. The last assignment I did from the assignment bank was to change the font of a memorable brand logo, and explain how changing the font effected the meaning of the logo name. I wanted to do a logo sports related, so I looked up the ESPN logo and tried to replicate it with a different font. Once again I used Sketchbook Pro, typed in “ESPN” and then looked at all the different fonts. I figured choosing the most dramatic difference in fonts would change the meaning so I searched until I found a font. After find a different font I colored it red and posted it to the website. Finally, the last assignment that I completed was the one that I created which was a video assignment where you had to make a video of yourself doing your favorite hobby for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Then you were supposed to post it to your blog site, describe what you are doing and then explain why it is your favorite hobby.

Even through all these activities, I still contributed to group discussions by recommending an example of a good western storytelling movie that people should watch. I ended up recommending “Django: Unchained” because it is free on Netflix, a recent movie, and does a good job at presenting a revenge story through its plot. I also told the group about the assignment I was going to create that involved making a video. I never really communicated with the group directly, but I posted my ideas to the Google Doc.

Here are some links to the activities I completed:

Daily Creates

Assignment Bank:

Guess What’s in the Picture

Imagined Future

Changing Fonts

My Own Created Assignment:

My Favorite Thing to Do

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