Imagined Future

The future always changes, you never know what is going to happen tomorrow or what is going to happen in the next few hours. Nothing goes as we expect. So I am going to attempt to try to imagine my own future by imagining myself 10 years from now.

Ten years from now, I expect to be out of my parents’ house and living in my own place. Also I expect to have found the girl of my dreams that loves me for who I am. No kids yet, but will be considering it. Probably a job in the business field like Marketing for a sports team, since I will always love sports. A big change that I think might be in my future is that I will be living in the West Coast instead of staying on the East Coast. The weather is just not compatible with me to be happy. I hate the rain and cold weather, plus I’ve wanted to go back to the West Coast since I moved from there as a kid.

Although, I might not have any friends when I get there. I will quickly make friends and hang out with some family that already live there. But I will still stay in contact with my friends here in Virginia, and try to persuade them to move out to the West Coast as well.

Overall, I hope this is the future that life holds for me. But the future isn’t always the way that you imagined it.


One thought on “Imagined Future

  1. The future is always hidden, but do ride on.
    I do prefer Virginia above the East. But thats personal.
    You intro is about a philosophic view on the subject future and after that you start to write to your future self. I like that intro.
    And the picture is dreaming and full of future.

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