First Week: Western Genre Thoughts


After getting started on the blog website, I felt that I needed to do more research about the Western theme. When I thought about Westerns before researching, all I could think about were Cowboys and Indians, Old Clint Eastwood movies I had never seen, and that I hadn’t really seen that many western movies in my time. Then as I read through the many articles provided, I realized I’ve seen more western movies then I thought. I forgot that I’ve actually seen The Lone Ranger, Wild Wild West, Dances with Wolves, Django: Unchained, No Country for Old Men, and I even saw a comedy movie about westerns of Blazing Saddles. Most of those movies are fairly recent except Dances with Wolves and Blazing Saddles, but I’ve never seen a lot of classic western movies. Because of me not knowing so much about Western movies or the genre, this semester is the perfect opportunity to watch and learn about what made the Western genre such a great part of America’s culture.

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