First Week: Creation of Cadillaceazy Media

What a first week of creating this blog? It was busier than I expected because I had to create the website using WordPress, Twitter, Flickr, and SoundCloud. I created a Twitter account of Cadillaceazy Media, then posted an introduction of what I expect to post on this blog now and the in future. I want to be able to have this blog after the class ends, so that is why I said that the blog would have news on sports, gaming, tv, movies, music, and other sorts of media. I will be posting most assignments from Digital Storytelling in the Multimedia category.

After I created a Twitter account, I thought that I needed a website logo, so I figured the best logo to use was the one I created myself of an Eagle. I already used it for my Google/Youtube account, so I thought that having compatible logos throughout would be a good idea. So that is the logo I used when creating a Gravatar account. Then I created a Flickr account and posted a couple of random pictures I had to make it public. After that, I figured I should make a SoundCloud account to have just in case I wanted to find some new music to listen to.

Finally, after I had created all these different social media accounts I introduced myself to the community with an intro message on Twitter, and recorded an intro message on SoundCloud. I didn’t introduce myself to the community on Google/Youtube because I was already using my own account which had been up for awhile, and I didn’t know how to introduce myself to the community of Flickr. I’ve never used it before.

Next, I put my focus on trying to fix my website and embedding all these accounts. I did the best I can inserting all the media into the introduction post. The only thing that has been driving me up a wall is the fact that there are blank pictures that say “no image” and I am currently planning on seeing the DKC about how to fix this, and answer other questions about creating posts on WordPress.

Here are links to the different accounts I created:





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  1. You might want to look into adjusting the font color. If there were more contrast between the type and the background, it would be easier to read.

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