Cowboy Hat Drawing Tutorial

For the assignment “30 Second Documentary”, you had to create a 30 second video involving any topic that you desired. I needed to make the assignment related to my created character of Buck because I needed 4 stars involving my character. It was actually harder than I thought of thinking about topics to do because 30 seconds isn’t a long time to make a video.

Then I thought to myself that I should do a tutorial on how to draw something like cowboy boots or a hat. Since my created character of Buck always wears cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. I asked other people in my house if they thought I could draw a hat or boots in 30 seconds, and since they know that I take my time in drawing it was a fair concern. I tried drawing a cowboy boot in 30 seconds and had a time of 1 minute, so next I tried drawing a cowboy hat by looking at a cartoon hat I had found on Google Images. That drawing ended up being 39 seconds, and I decided it would be better to make a tutorial for the cowboy hat. Here is my video tutorial of me drawing a cowboy hat.

I filmed this 30 second Cowboy Hat Drawing Tutorial by using my iPhone to record myself as I started drawing with the pen on the paper. Then I sent the video to my computer. I had trouble posting it into this post, so I posted the clip to the Twitter account and pasted the link into the post.


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