Bigdog the Graffiti Artist (Daily Create Story)

There once was a man who was a professional graffiti artist that went by the name of Bigdog that wanted to get out of his neighborhood. He had lived in the city for all his life, and the only piece of nature that he had ever seen in his life that was of beauty was the lone planted tree held up by two crutch pieces of wood by the apartment building on 53rd street.

All his life he just tried to create beauty in the world by tagging buildings with pictures of nature that he had seen on the internet, but the authorities assumed he was just some punk graffiti kid that wanted to deface public property. An arrest record that was filled with trespassing and defacing public property accompanied him wherever he went, so people assumed that he was just another thug with headphones on his ears.

That is until he was tagging an abandoned building with a mural of one of the Eighth Wonders of world of Machu Picchu. A young businessman had been stuck in traffic and was looking around his environment. As he gazed upon the mural on the wall of the abandoned building, he was amazed at the amount of detail and determination of a person trying to make an unsightly sight something that should be seen.

From that point on, the young businessman started to notice beautiful graffiti nature art pieces all around buildings around the city with the signature “Bigdog” on them. The art was turning all the broken down buildings into sights for the eyes to see, and people would be starring at the graffiti from the sidewalks until the cops came to wash off the graffiti.

So one day, that young businessman got out of his car near an abandoned building with beautiful graffiti art of a mighty big tree with 2 small pieces of vine covered wood leaning against it, and waited for the police to arrive so that he could talk to them about who this Bigdog was.

All the police would say was that he was just some punk kid that didn’t know any better than to deface buildings. However, the police did know of a location where Bigdog liked to hang out. So the young man got back in his car and drove to an apartment building that was located on 53rd street, where he saw the lone tree with 2 pieces of wood holding it upright.

At that moment he heard someone behind him and turned around to see a kid with headphones that had a spray can in his hand and a picture of Machu Picchu to trace.

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