Alienware Area 51 Customer Reviews

In this assignment I had to use a Mozilla Firefox tool called X-Ray Goggles to edit a copy of a webpage’s html coding. I thought that the assignment seemed like it would be frustrating and difficult to complete. And after completing the assignment my opinion has changed only slightly due to the assignment becoming difficult and frustrating assignment.


The assignment started off fine with me downloading the X-Ray Goggles to Safari and going to Amazon to write funny customer reviews on a product that I found to be too ridiculous to buy of the Alienware Area 51 PC, which retails on Amazon for $10,000. Add in the fact that machine had the power of 20 computers, and it was a perfect recipe to type up some funny customer reviews that are jokes.

This was the funnest part of the assignment because I had to get creative with the customer reviews to make it seem like they were reviews by different users. However, the most frustrating part about the assignment was when I tried to publish the site to get a URL to post. It wasn’t connecting me to the next page where it said that it was published. So I tried installing the X-Ray Goggles into Firefox instead to make it more seamless; but I had to redo all the typing that I had done in the Safari browser. That wasn’t as bad as it sounds because I still had the other site that I had edited open still, so I just copied and pasted the information into the boxes.


Review 2

Review 3

Finally, it published and I was able to attain the URL. It seemed a little off to me, but I included images of what it should look like. Here is the link to the site.

Alienware Area 51 Customer Reviews Link

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