Ninth Week: Radio Show Feedback

This week was a nice week in Digital Storytelling, there weren’t any challenging assignments and helped account for no stress. We got to listen to everyone’s radio shows and enjoy assignments that progressed our characters we created. Here is a recap of my week.

On Monday, I mostly planned how I was going to attack each assignment and choose which assignments to actually do during the week. Plus, I did one of the assignments where I had to create a noir/pulp cover. 

To complete this assignment, I opened up the Sketchbook App on my computer and tried to make a cover reminiscent of the examples that were given for noir/pulp covers. I wanted a black and white cover because when I think of anything noir themed, I always thought of it in black and white. To attain that goal I looked up black and white photos that were filled with darkness to give the cover a mysterious look that is needed for a detective noir novel cover. After I found a black and white picture of an alleyway, I found an image of black cowboy silhouette resting against a wall. Then I pasted both images into the Sketchbook app and tried to crop the plain white background from the cowboy silhouette. That turned out to be the toughest part of the assignment, because it made the rest of the picture look odd. All I could do was my best at trying to hide it within the photo, so I just made it a shade of grey to match with the black and white of the cover. The last thing that I had to do for the assignment was put the title and my name onto the cover. I looked at all the other examples again, and then picked the font which I felt captured the mysterious theme of a noir cover. After writing the title of the Unexpected because it goes with my character’s nickname, I typed my name below the title in a matching font to signal that I was the author of the book.

The next day, I completed the daily create where you had to take a picture of normal objects that looked like a face within. This was easy, because I just went to take a picture at the mantle that my mom had decorated in the house. Then I made it black and white using filters to make it easier to see the face within those normal objects. That night, I also tuned in to ds106 Radio and listened to the group radio shows of “WWW News,” and “You Might Be A Cowboy If,” which were exact opposites in my opinion about their quality. During the shows I also made it a point to be live-tweeting, because it was required that all of us live-tweet a show during the week. I really enjoyed listening to them both though, even if one of them had some negatives about it.

Wednesday, I did another daily create where the assignment was to make a tombstone with something that be buried in the world. For this daily create, I found a photo of a tombstone on Google and pasted it to my Sketchbook App. Then I placed black text onto the tombstone with “War Hate Racism” because I just want the world to get along. At night, I worked on the assignment of making my character of Buck’s resume, which I used the previous template I had used for my personal resume and filled it in random information that first came to mind.

Thursday, I did nothing involved with Digital Storytelling.

Finally it was Friday, and I completed the last assignment needed in relation to my character. The assignment was to fully summarize findings by creating a status report; so I created a status report which I thought police create when investigating a crime where they state the evidence found and how the evidence was gathered. 

When creating the arrest warrant/status report, I had to think about what evidence would be found and who would be the prime suspect. I tried to come up with the most western redneck name I could think of first, and then thought about evidence that would clearly point to the suspect. What I came up with was finding a ditched gun in the surrounding crime area that had the suspect’s name on the gun. Then to make it more of an open and shut case about who shot Mr. Blackhawk, I added witnesses to the crime that were heard in the sound effects story screaming. 

I also completed the last daily create of week where I had to write or create an origin for the aphorism “Never throw tapioca down the mine shaft. I actually had no recollection of ever hearing of that aphorism or knowing what tapioca was until I asked my mom. She told me it was some kind of custard, and then I had to think about how I would create an origin for that aphorism. I figured I would just start by drawing a picture on my Sketchbook app of a stick figure throwing custard into a mine shaft hole. Then I thought that there should be something dangerous in the mine shaft that would be very angry if custard was thrown at them. After I thought of that idea, I searched the internet looking for a creature that would be intimidatingly dangerous to wake; at that moment I thought of lion sleeping. I found picture of a cartoon lion sleeping, and then pasted it to my picture. I then finished off the daily create by placing the font into picture.

The last assignment that I did before writing this summary was write my feedback of the 2 radio shows I listened to of “WWW News,” and “You Might Be A Cowboy If…” Which I stated that the “WWW News Show” was a well-organized and perfectly executed show that sounded almost like a real newscast. Then I started to talk about the show “You Might Be A Cowboy If…,” which was a disorganized show that was disappointing due to music playing for so long.


Noir/Pulp Cover

Character Resume

Attempted Murder Status Report

ds106 Radio Listening

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