Fourth Week: Visuals and Photography

This week I kind of slacked off a little with assignments until the last day. Over the course the course of the week I did the assignments. It was just that I waited to post them all until the last day. But here is an overview of what I did this week.

On Monday, while I was in the cafeteria talking with my friends I decided to do the Daily Create for the day. The Daily Create was to draw a cactus without looking, and posting it Twitter. So I made sure my friends kept an eye on me to make sure I wouldn’t look to see what I was drawing. It ended up actually looking like a pretty nice cactus without thorns, but the perfectionist in me made sure it had thorns. That is only thing that I did with my eyes open. Then later that day, I thought that I should read the Becoming a Better Photographer article and watch one of the movies assigned. So I read the article and watched “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” starring John Wayne and James Stewart. I was surprised when I noticed James Stewart was in the movie, because I watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” every Christmas and hadn’t ever seen him in other movies.

The next day, I made sure to do 6 stars worth of visual assignments because last week I didn’t think we had to do 6 stars worth of assignments. I figured it was optional, and didn’t want to make that mistake this week. The visual assignments I chose to do were Blackmail (which you had to distort a picture to make it unrecognizable to others) and 5 Dots, 4 Lines, and 1 Curve (make artwork using those guidelines. I took a picture of 2 paintings of vegetables in my kitchen, and distorted the picture using the Pixlr photo software to make it unrecognizable. Then for the other visual assignment I created Mickey Mouse with a hat using the Sketchbook drawing software, because I love Disney. I also skipped the Daily Create that day.

On Wednesday, the only assignment that I did was watch the “Storytelling and Visual Literacy” video and do the Daily Create where you had to take a picture of a choice made that day. My choice in the picture I took was if I should play a calming video game or if I should do my Decision Analysis homework. I decided that I wanted to relax, so I played a video game.

On Thursday, I didn’t really know anything about the Oregon Trail game, so decided to just skip the Daily Create that day. But later that night I decided to do the 20 minute Photoblitz. At 8:21 I started and had to really think about some of the pictures that I could do. I have trouble with taking pictures of certain objects, since I’m in a wheelchair but I did my best to get all the pictures that fit each category. After I finished at 8:32, I felt relief that I had gotten that assignment done because it was the one I was most worried about.

Then on Friday, I did everything else. I actually posted the 6 stars worth of visual assignments, posted the photos and descriptions for the Photoblitz, and posted the What’s in my Saddle Bag assignment. For that assignment, I figured I should just list items that you would need to survive like water, food, shelter, and protection. Then I looked up pictures to use of those items. After that, I wrote my Photo Reflections about how I used to take lots of pictures and stopped taking as much due to my disability. While doing the reflections, I came to realize that I still like taking pictures and I should do it more often. Next, I tried to remember all the scenes from “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” and relate them to cinematography. I figured the best scene to display cinematography was the scene where they used two camera scenarios for when Liberty Valance was shot.

After posting all those assignments, I decided to take a little break and do the Daily Create of drawing a picture using Stop-motion on Vine and posting it to Twitter. It was my first Vine ever, so I had a few hiccups in the footage. Then I ended my break and went back to work.

The next assignment I decided to do was Love at First Shot assignment of telling a story of a couple in love. For that I looked up photos on Google, and felt drawn to the picture of the sailor kissing a girl in white. My dad was in the military, and I felt that I could write a story telling of a romance being developed while at War.

Then the last thing I did was recreate a famous movie scene. I couldn’t think of anything that dealt with being a wheelchair until I was just brainstorming and thought of Star Wars’ Darth Vader Force Choke scene. So I quickly looked up the photo, and had my dad help by putting on his hood and doing the right pose. I got in the right pose, and then had my mom take a picture of us at the correct angle. We started laughing at how perfect it looked in comparison to the film, and so we sent it to all our friends.

To conclude, I kind of was a slacker this week. Even though I did some things over the week, I learned that I shouldn’t leave this much work to do on the last day that it is due.

Daily Creates:

Visual Assignments:

Blackmail Photograph

Dots, Lines, and a Curve


What’s In My Saddle Bag?

Photography Reflections

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (Cinematography)

Love & War

Star Wars Recreation

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