What’s In My Saddle Bag?

What’s in my Saddle Bag for surviving in West as the Sheriff’s son? Here’s a list of things in my bag.

The first thing I need in my saddle bag is my Water Canteen that has an image of a pistol on it. Water is important for staying hydrated and healthy.

Water Canteen

The second important thing I’ll need to survive, is a Western Saddle Blanket that can be used when I need to rest or to cover me from the rain.  


Then I have an extra Western Revolver and bullets to go up against all the dangers of the west. 


I have food for me and my horse of some ranch style beans cans that I can put in a pot that I have if I want to.

Cowboy Beans

And the last thing I have in my bag is a Jack Daniels lighter to create a fire to cook the food.


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