Western Intro: The Unexpected

This assignment was to create an intro that could be used for the beginning of a movie. You had to create an intro for any sort of movie that was around 1 minute to 1 minute and 30 seconds long, then narrate the beginning of the movie.

Since it was required that we have 10 stars worth of assignments related to our created character, I thought this assignment would be a great opportunity for stars for my character because of it being worth 4 and a half stars. So my objective was to find a video with a western theme and relate the narration to my character.

To complete this assignment I searched Youtube until I found a Planet Earth video that just showed beautiful views of desert settings. Then I transferred the video to iMovie and trimmed the video to be around 1 minute and 23 seconds. While searching for a perfect video of the western setting I came across background music on one of the videos that I felt would match better with the setting of the video I would use. So using Mp3ify, I found the video on Youtube with the background music of Gramatik by Brave Men and converted the video’s audio into a MP3 on my computer. After converting the audio to an MP3 I imported the music into iMovie and trimmed the song to match the video.

As for the narration, I figured that most movie intros only have the title narrated before the movie begins. I didn’t want the narration to take away from the beautiful desert backgrounds in the video. Also, since my character is sort of a mysterious character; I wanted to keep the mystery alive to begin the movie. To narrate the intro, I placed a title slide at the end of the video that said “The Unexpected” because it relates to the nickname for the created character of Buck Smith.¬†After finishing the creation of the intro video I uploaded it to Youtube.

Overall, this was a pretty interesting assignment that I felt that I could have done more if I didn’t feel the pressure of doing so many video assignments throughout the week. But enough of my talking, here is the intro.

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