Week 13: Web Mayhem

This week was the worst week when it came to stress and schoolwork, because professors want to have every group assignment/15 page essays due at the same exact time. So this week I was dealing with high pressure assignments not just in Digital Storytelling. But I was able to push through the week and here what I was able to do this week in Digital Storytelling during web week.

Monday, all I did was plan out which assignments I was going to do during the week and save the tabs on my computer as a reminder for the rest of the week.

Then on Tuesday I completed the Daily create of making a text message out of graffiti art by going to graffiticreator.com and typing in a nickname that my did always calls me of “Bigdog”, then I transferred the art to my Sketchbook app and colored it in with my favorite colors of red and blue. I also completed the Pinterest Dream vacation assignment of pinning different locations where I would want to visit on my dream vacation fairly quickly because Pinterest is so accessible with helping you find exactly what you want.

Wednesday, I did another Daily Create of picking a location using Google Streetview where I believed that I would never get to go to. So I picked Machu Picchu, since it is on a mountain and it doesn’t seem like it would be accessible for a person in a wheelchair like me. I also completed the Buzzfeed Personality Quiz, where I had to create a personality quiz with at least 3 results and 6 different questions, so I made the results be about Ratchet and Clank Characters and used vague questions about preferences to coincide with the different characters’ personalities.

Thursday, I didn’t do anything except find and take pictures from the Spanish NBA website to use in the Google Translate Fail assignment where I had to find Google Translate fails where I went to a foreign website and translated it to English.

Friday, I did the last Daily Create of the week of taking a picture of a lonely tree and put together all my Daily Creates during the week to create a story about a professional graffiti artist named Bigdog tagging a building with Machu Picchu after the inspiration of looking at a lonely tree in his city.  I completed all of the web assignment of storytelling by changing the HTML for Amazon which actually took 2 tries because of a mistake of using a browser that I thought was compatible and it wasn’t. I also posted everything that I did during the week under a very bad time crunch.

This is all the work I did this week.

Daily Creates:


Pinterest Dream Vacation

Personality Quiz

Bigdog the Graffiti Artist (Daily Create Story)

Alienware Area 51 Customer Reviews

Google Translate Fail

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