Train Man Inc.

As Buck investigated the letter he noticed that it was sent by the Train Man Inc. Security team to Crazy Joe Shooter that was addressed at being delivered just an hour ago. The letter read “Thank You Mr. Shooter for helping us with our Indian problem by striking fear into the residents. Come by the Train Man Inc. building in the next town over to receive your payment for services rendered. This will go a long way in helping us place a railroad on the land accompanied by Indians.” When Buck read this, he immediately knew that Crazy Joe Shooter was hired by Train Man Inc. to shoot Mr. Blackhawk in order to strike fear into the locals to leave their land. Just so they could build a railroad. Buck was mortified that a corporation would use such an evil tactic, but he now knew where Crazy Joe would be headed. 

He figured that he would face long odds of ever surviving if he rode by himself to confront Crazy Joe and Train Man Inc. So Buck went back to the police department to call his good friend Jimbo for assistance.

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