The Vignelli Canon: Impressions

I’ve always liked anything dealing with art and design.  The way that shapes and colors interact to form something that catches your eye has always amazed me. Personally, the designs that I’ve always liked were minimalistic or simple concepts. There is an organization to this type of design that just catches my eye. I’ve always thought I knew what good design was, but I had never actually researched what was good graphic design concepts until I read Massimo Vignelli’s short booklet ” The Vignelli Canon”. Here are my impressions of this design booklet.

I really enjoyed how short and to the point the whole booklet was. He put what concept he was talking about  on top of the page, and then would explain that concept by providing visual examples. This was really helpful for me because I’m a visual learner. The visual examples helped make the concepts more clear and helped me actually retain the learned knowledge. An added bonus was that the examples were visually appealing to look at because it took a minimalistic approach, which made the booklet not some boring textbook. Some concepts that I really took away from reading the book were how to use grids for designing, the thought process for coming up with a design, and which fonts were the most visually appealing in his opinion.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this booklet because it didn’t feel like reading a textbook. It was filled with visually appealing examples and had lots great information, which I will probably refer to in the future if I’m ever designing something. If you want to learn something about design, then Massimo’s Vignelli’s “The Vignelli Canon” is a must-read in my opinion.

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