The Unexpected Gun

I am the Fastest Gun in the West, yet not many people know it yet. As a person involved with law enforcement, I’m sometimes called in to deal with dangerous situations. I am the Unexpected Gun, and that’s why the sheriff brings me along. ┬áThat and because I’m his 20 year old son. ┬áHe has been teaching me to shoot since mother died when I was 4, by having me practice shooting cans and pretending that the cans were those horrible men that he had talked about in our West. He said the only way I could beat them was to be, the Unexpected Gun of the West. I only shoot when I have to, but when I do, I shoot to kill. The only people that catch a glimpse of my speed with my here pistol are long gone in the grave; and since I’m with the sheriff when I always shoot, people assume it was him that shot. That’s how not many people know that I’m the Fastest Gun in the West. But someday when I become sheriff, I won’t be the Unexpected anymore. I’ll be known officially as the Fastest Gun in the West.

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