Radio Show Week 2

Week 2 progress of the Radio Show actually occurred during the week of spring break due to an error on our part for thinking that the Radio show was due on the Friday during Spring Break.  We even finished that Thursday night, and then the next day noticed it wasn’t due until the next week.  Here are some of the things that we did during the week to complete the Radio Show project.

Early in the week we had our first group meeting by using Skype to determine which topics we were going to use for the Radio Show project and how we would make the work equal among all the group members by designating that everyone in the group create 2 commercials and 2 bumpers by a certain date.  At that point, I had not created any sort of commercial or bumper yet; so I figured I should get working on them.  Then we decided to have another meeting the next day.  This took around an hour, and then we got off the Skype call.

Later that same day, I brainstormed some ideas for commercials that I figured would fit with the comedic, relaxed radio show that we were trying to create.  I tried to come up with the silliest commercials that I could think of, and that’s how I came up with Sorsies (Sirens for Horsies) and the Used Horse Sale commercials.  Mostly I focused on products for horses because in most westerns the horse is most important to people due to them being the most accessible transportation source.  I came up with the Sorsies idea because my character is related to the law enforcement, and realized that there are sirens on police cars now; so why not on horses too.  Meanwhile, the Used Horse Sale commercial was an idea that I thought of while I was talking with my group because someone mentioned some commercial ideas.  After I came up with the ideas, I just wrote down what I would say and recorded myself saying the written words on my iPhone to transfer to my computer later.  When I was recording I thought that I should change my voice a little bit so they wouldn’t sound the same, so I did one commercial with an accent and another without.

The next day, we had another meeting on a Skype call while recording everything from the call with recording equipment provided by Joshua.  From that point we discussed our characters, their potential future storylines, and our thinking behind creating them in the first.  Plus we talked about other things, like what our commercials were, how we would edit the recordings, do intros and endings.  Then we noticed we had been on call for about 3 hours, and decided to round up the day by writing down/recording an introduction to the Radio show.  After about 4 takes at an introduction with different variations, we called it a day.

The very next day, all of us individually finished our bumpers and commercials by adding background music to them/finishing what we needed to finish for them.  Each of us made our separate recording cuts and had them all sent to Joshua through email files because he had all the fancy recording equipment that could make the sound quality better. Then Joshua put our cuts together in Audacity and sent us what he had done. We had everything that we wanted for the Radio Show completed except the ending.  So later that day we got on another Skype call to create an ending to our show, it took only a couple takes before we felt comfortable with the ending we wanted.  From that point, Joshua took the end recording and added that to what we had finished for the Radio Show.

Then the next day, Joshua sent everybody the file for the full Radio Show to listen to.  After listening to the full Radio Show with no objections, we emailed each other saying that it was approved by us as being ready to turn in.  At that point, we realized that the Radio Show Project wasn’t due until the next Friday.  After that, we basically went radio silent for a week just holding onto full Radio Show file until it was time to turn it in.  This is the progress that we as a group did for this great Radio Show Project.


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