Radio Show Week 1

This week was a very busy week for almost everyone in my group. It’s the week before spring break, and all professors want to get their last test in before their students go on spring break. So group goals this week were to establish a communication with each other, and to organize our plan on how we are going to create the Radio Show. As of right now, we have not started recording for the radio show. Tonight we are going to probably all get onto Skype for our first official group meeting to make sure we can communicate through Skype and be able to do most of the work for the radio show next week when we’re out of our other classes. For the last week, the only way we have communicated is by emailing back in forth. ¬†From what I’ve gathered through our email communications, we are each responsible for creating some radio show commercials and bumpers; then we are planning on recording us talking about the topics that we agree on doing during our official meetings. We have a couple bumpers and commercials done, and will work on more as next week arrives. Every time we complete something that relates to our group project, we share it through email with our group members.

To conclude, this week was just about establishing a communication with group members and organizing how we are going to accomplish creating a radio show in the next week.

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