For this visual assignment, I had to take pictures of objects that dealt with each requirement in 20 minutes or less. It was fun, but also kind of tough because of my disability. But I got some nice pictures.

  1. The 1st picture I took was of the time I started, which was 8:21 at night

Start Time

2. The 2nd picture I had to take was of something that represents Music, and figured that music can come out of the Bose SoundLink Mini that I was listening to. So it can be expressed as the music machine.

Bose Soundlink Mini

3. The next picture I had to take a picture of a some sort of sharp edge on something. So I took a picture of one of desks in my house which has sharp edges, that would surely break a tooth if you fell on it.

Desk Edge

4. After taking a picture of the desk edge, I decided that the best way to take a picture of something that represents loudness was to take a picture of my phone with the volume all the way up on it. If you were to listen to music while at that volume then, your ears would probably hurt.

Phone Loudness

5. This next picture was kind of tough, because I could not find my favorite number listed anywhere in my house. To resolve this I looked up one of my favorite players that wore my favorite number of 3, and took a screenshot of a picture. Allen Iverson is one of the main reasons why my favorite number is 3, because he is pound for the pound the best player in NBA history.

Allen Iverson Favorite Number

6. After having some issues on photo 5, I was easily able to take a picture of something so close that people shouldn’t be able to guess what it is. So I won’t say what I took a picture of. You have to guess what it is, and the only hint I can tell you is that it is in a house.

Guess Picture

7. Then it was dinner time, and I still had to take a picture of something shiny. So I took a close up picture of something that was so shiny that the picture seems to be a selfie, but it’s actually me and my camera reflected back.

Shiny Reflection

8. For the last picture, I wanted it to be the funnest picture to take. That’s why I saved taking a picture of my food in the shape of a face till the end. I used pancakes for eyes, bacon for a mouth and eyebrows, then eggs for a nose.

Pancake Face

9. Finally, I took a picture of my end time and it was way less than I thought it was going to be. I thought it would take the whole 20 minutes, but it actually took about only 10 minutes.


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