Moving Object Vine: Beans

The second assignment of the week was to post a vine of a moving object. I figured this would be a fun, quick assignment that would give me more time to complete more complex assignments throughout the week. I also wanted to relate it to my character in some way, so I tried to think of something moving I could take a vine of.

Finally, I thought of canned beans being a good idea because my character loves eating beans in the western setting. It’s an on-the-go meal filled with protein and is easy to cook in a makeshift fire.

To make sure that I got good footage for the vine, I had my mom assist me by video taping the incident using vine. It was actually harder than I thought because my mom had never used Vine before, so we had to film a rolling can of beans 5 different times until my mom figured out how to use Vine to make a video. To portray the motion I had my mom roll the can of beans to me at the other end of the table.

The last thing that I had to do to complete the assignment was post the Vine somewhere and it turned out to be the hardest part of the assignment because for some reason it would not upload to Youtube. I ended up posting the Vine on the Twitter account, since that was the only place I actually knew it would definitely work.

Overall, this assignment was what I expected of it being of a fun and quick assignment. However, I didn’t expect the filming to take 5 different takes and now I’m thinking I should show my mom how Vine works.

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