This is the assignment that I was most worried about throughout the week because the assignment was to create a 2-3 minute mini-documentary about someone fascinating who is not a best friend or close family member. This made me the most worried because my 2 best friends and parents are the only people which I spend the most time with to be able to create a mini-documentary. Add in the fact that I just moved into a new house and don’t know any of the neighbors, and you can figure out why I would have such a hard time. This problem left me with the only option of having to make a mini-documentary about my created character.

All I had to figure out was “How can I make a documentary without any real people?”. This was a question I couldn’t figure out for a couple days until I thought about not directly showing any pictures of my created character. So I decided to make my mini-documentary a compilation of pictures of the western setting and dark/covered silhouettes that can’t be seen clearly combined with title cards for questions and audio of me answering the questions as the created character Buck Smith.

To accomplish this goal, I started googling and compiling a collection of western cowboy silhouette images that could be used for at least 6-10 seconds each. Then I imported all the images I felt that were needed for the compilation into iMovie. After I had done that, I wrote down which questions would be asked and answered during the mini-documentary; this was then used for the organization of the images in the documentary. I placed title cards with the questions before all images related to that certain question and then calculated the time between each title card. This way I could create audio files to fill in each section of images to provide audio as background to the images.

After I had finished importing and organizing the audio files in each specific section, I still didn’t feel like I had done enough. So I found background music to play in the background of the title cards. I went through my iTunes until I found the song by Jason Aldean “Tonight Looks Good on You” which had an instrumental intro that could be used as background music. At that point, I imported the song into iMovie and trimmed it to include only the beginning intro. I then copied and pasted the trimmed background music into all the title cards for consistently. 

As for the answers to the questions I answered the questions of “Who Are You…Where Are You From…Describe Yourself” and then changed the direction of the mini-documentary by talking about the incident that has occurred this semester of Mr. Blackhawk being shot by Crazy Joe Shooter and Buck’s pursuit of him.

Overall, the worst part of the assignment was the actual thought process of coming up with what and how I could complete the assignment. Then when I finally figured out what and how I would complete the assignment, I felt more relaxed in my thought process and creation of this mini-documentary.


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