Langston Hughes’ “Life is Fine” Western Slang Reading

The only reason I did this assignment was because I still needed half a star for my western created character to meet the quota needed. I chose to do this assignment because it was related to the western theme and seemed like it wouldn’t be too time-consuming to complete. The assignment was to read song lyrics, a poem, or monologue using a western slang accent. So as soon as I read the description I decided that I wanted to read another Langston Hughes’ poem “Life is Fine” to demonstrate how my created character thinks of the world of just being alright.

The next thing I did was go in my room to avoid distractions and just read the poem using the most western accent I could think of while I was recording with my iPhone. As I was reading the poem, I noticed that I really didn’t have that many chances to change the words to be slang words; since in a lot of instances it was already written in slang. After listening to the first take on my phone, I thought that the recording was the best version that I was going to get. So I sent it to my email and converted it to an MP3, and posted it to SoundCloud.

Here is my western slang reading of Langston Hughes’ poem “Life is Fine”.

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