ds106 Radio Listening

Listening to other people’s projects is always a fun thing to hear. To me this is my favorite part about group projects; listening to presentations after they are finished. This week I had the chance to listen to other groups’ radio shows of “You Might Be A Cowboy If…” and “WWW News Show”. Here are my thoughts while listening to the radio shows.

For the “WWW News Show,” I thought it was a great way to incorporate their characters by interviewing them just like a real newscast. The background music sounded as if I was watching an actual newscast. The one thing that I felt was odd, was the Apache woman being able to be understood more than the person asking the questions. The Apache woman ┬ácharacter had no accent that I could hear, while the interviewer was hard to understand with the heavy western accent. The commercials were good and informative though. Overall, I felt it was a well thought out and executed radio show that sounded as realistic as other newscasts in the world.

Now for “You Might Be A Cowboy If…” it was a different story. It seemed disorganized and felt like they didn’t put a lot of effort into making the radio show. Then when they said they would play some country music, I figured it would only be one song; but then 3 songs went by and I wondered if the radio show had ended already. It felt as if I missed something; and then the radio show came back to just them saying that the show was ending. Overall, I was actually disappointed by this radio show because of the music taking up most of the time. If there was more commercials and organized talking; then I would have felt a lot better with this radio show.

These were my thoughts on the 2 shows that I listened to on ds106 Radio, and I’m very happy for tuning in to assess the different groups’ radio show projects.


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