Cowboy Attack

This was the most frustrating assignment I’ve done because of the Audacity software. I couldn’t figure out to do things even after playing with the software for an hour. Also, the program started to mess with my computers’ functionality and make everything all slow. However, I was able to create a sound effect story after finally figuring out the features some more.

 In this sound effect story, you hear a horse walking towards something and a gunshot. After the gunshot is heard, you hear screams from the man shot and others around him. Then if you listen hard enough you hear the horse galloping away enough from the shooting, to a walking state.

This story relates to my character, because my created character is the sheriff’s son. In the audio clip, a crime of assault against peaceful Indians takes place. So my character and his father are going to have to track down the cowboy that committed this crime that you heard.

To conclude, I’m so happy that this assignment is over with and I hope to not have to use Audacity again.

2 thoughts on “Cowboy Attack

  1. It slowed my computer down a bit too. But I was running different programs at once which turned out to be the culprit. I ended up playing with everything too and ended up googling “how to” everything. If we do have to use audacity again in this course, remember – google is your best friend.

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