Attempted Murder Status Report

In this assignment, I had to create a status report to summarize findings for the public. This was a good assignment for my character of Buck because he is currently investigating the shooting that happened in the sound effects assignment where an Indian man known as Mr. Blackhawk was shot and someone rode off on their horse. 

To fully summarize the findings, I created a status report which I thought police create when investigating a crime where they state the evidence found and how the evidence was gathered.

When creating the arrest warrant, I had to think about what evidence would be found and who would be the prime suspect. I tried to come up with the most western redneck name I could think of first, and then thought about evidence that would clearly point to the suspect. What I came up with was finding a ditched gun in the surrounding crime area that had the suspect’s name on the gun. Then to make it more of an open and shut case about who shot Mr. Blackhawk, I added witnesses to the crime that were heard in the sound effects story screaming.

After stating in the report what evidence was going to be present and describing how Buck gathered the evidence; I wanted to state the theory that Buck had, at how things actually went when the crime was committed. 

The assignment was easy and fun to be able to create, and it made me feel like I was adding to the storyline  involving Buck Smith going after Crazy Joe Shooter because he committed the crime of attempted murder against Mr. Blackhawk. Hopefully in a future assignments I will be able to finish the storyline of the Unexpected.

Crazy Joe Shooter Arrest Warrant

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  1. Dude! This is the first time I have visited your website and I am just blown away! You must put sooooo much time into this!! It’s awesome. Every one of your assignments knocks it out of the park!

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