5 Second Film: The Plan

This assignment was one of the hardest assignments with trying to figure out what to do. The concept seemed easy with it being that you just have to take a 5 second film about anything. This means that you have to have something quick to film like a quick joke or gag; but I just couldn’t think of anything that funny in that short amount of time.

Then I remembered my dad’s plan for everyday life that he always says before he goes to work. However, I didn’t want it to feel scripted; so I just asked him what he planned to do on that day and secretly filmed him. He just so happened to say his usual plan of “Coming up with a plan to take over the world”, which he heard from “Pinky and the Brain” which is an animated tv series about 2 mice. The main character “Brain” said that phrase and now my dad always uses it.

After filming my dad, I imported the video into iMovie; added a visual filter (because it was dark footage), and then posted it to Youtube.

Overall, even though the video is a little longer than 5 seconds at 14 seconds. I am satisfied with the end result and I’m happy to have such a funny dad.

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