Week 10: Making Videos

This week was very busy for Digital Storytelling in my opinion, we had to create lots of different videos using some sort of video editing software, learn about cinematography, and watch one of the movies provided.

My week started early because I wanted to get stuff done, so I started organizing my plan on assignments I would do throughout the week. Then after organizing a plan, I sat down at my couch and watched Django: Unchained on Netflix even though I’ve seen it multiple times in the past. After watching the movie, I started finding clips to be used in the Giannis Antetokounmpo “Greek Freak” Highlight Mix assignment so that I wouldn’t have to find them on Monday.

On Monday after my classes were done for the day, I came home and worked on the Highlight Reel Assignment of making a highlight mix for your favorite athlete on iMovie. I had stringed together all the clips, added the musical backgrounds, and made sure the intro was up to my standards. I almost forgot to do the Daily Create, until I remembered at around 10:30 that night. So I quickly completed the daily create of coming up with an excuse for not doing the Daily Create. I was really tired at that point, so I decided to come up with an excuse that involved being too sleepy to do the Daily Create.

Tuesday, I completed the daily create of creating a drawing using an Itch-A-Sketch in relation to DS106. I figured the DS106 radio was the best way to symbolize DS106, so I did the best I could to draw a boombox radio and write DS106 Radio. On this day, I also completed the Silent Era assignment where I had to create a silent era trailer that was 3-5 minutes long, black & white, silent in dialogue, filled with music in the background, and had title cards. This assignment wasn’t as tough as the first, because I was more used to using iMovie at that point.

Wednesday, for an assignment I had to create a spoiler for a movie. I decided to make a spoiler video for one of my favorite movies of all-time in “Small Soldiers”. Any point where the villain dies is always a spoiler in my opinion, so I thought that “Small Soldiers” fit that category with Major Chip Hazard dying at the end. That assignment was actually quite easy because all I had to do in iMovie was put together the most important scenes into one video.

Thursday, I took a break from schoolwork in all my classes because I had been overworked by all my other classes throughout the week.

Finally it was Friday, the day that I met the hardest assignment of the week in the video essay. I just couldn’t get my analysis right in my opinion because I felt that it lacked intelligence. However, after a couple of attempts I was able to use the scene I wanted from Django: Unchained to make the video essay a complete assignment. Also, I hadn’t done an assignment from the assignment bank that fulfilled the 4 star requirement for our characters. So I decided to quickly finish the 30 second documentary assignment of creating a 30 second video on any topic by making a drawing tutorial on a cowboy hat that my created character always wears. Then I had to post everything that I had done over the week and write up the weekly summary, which lead me to this post.

Overall, I had fun learning how to iMovie for the first time and now I’m used to it. This week has prepared me and I’m now ready for next week, when I will have to do even more video assignments. Now, I’m just going to enjoy the nice, relaxing weekend after a long week filled with tons of work.


Daily Creates:


Giannis Antetokounmpo “Greek Freak” Highlight Mix

Kingsman: The Secret Service Silent Trailer

Small Soldiers Spoiler


Django: Unchained Video Essay

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