Small Soldiers Spoiler

In this assignment we had to spoil a movie by making a short video. This entailed finding all the major scenes relevant to the movie and combining them all into one small video.

I couldn’t think of any movie that I wanted to spoil for anyone that was recent. So I decided to do an old school spoiler for one of my favorite action movies growing up Small Soldiers. Since I was 5 years old, Small Soldiers has been one of my favorite action movies just for the fact that it had military toys. I’ve collected them all. It’s not a major spoiler because the villain of Major Chip Hazard dies at the end, but it’s still a spoiler for the movie.

This video assignment was a little more easier than the other assignments because the whole movie was already broken up into clips on Youtube. So after converting those clips to MP4, I cut them down some more and added them altogether. The first scene basically shows how the Commando Elite move, talk, and their main objective of destroying the Gorgonites. Then I go to another scene where they now outnumber the Gorgonites and humans protecting them, but the Commando Elite have created weapons that could seriously hurt people and consider the humans also as the enemy. The last scene I use is Major Chip Hazard’s death that causes an EMP to kill off the rest of the Commando Elite.

Hope your not too sad at this spoiler. It’s a little longer than 30 seconds, but it’s still a very short video.

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