Movie Mashup (Remix)

For this mashup assignment, I had to use my favorite movie trailer and mash it up with a different trailer to completely change the meaning of the trailer. So I thought that it would be fun to make a normally happy trailer into a more mature or horror version. I decided that this assignment should be related my character because I had a movie in mind.

I thought of the happiest movie that I thought that I could make into a scarier version and thought of the animated 1995 movie “Toy Story”. This relates to my created character of Buck, because the character in Toy Story of “Woody” is a cowboy sheriff that shows leadership and bravery around the people in the area. Woody is basically the inspiration of me creating Buck Smith.

I searched on Youtube for the original trailer and found 2 very good trailers that I could use scenes from. I then converted the trailers into MP4s for iMovie and imported it into the software. From that point, I wanted to use scenes that would either show anger; or would look creepier with a different tone of background music. I decided that the best way to show anger was show some of the scenes of Toy rivalry between Buzz and Woody. After I had mashed the trailer together, I still needed to put the background music into the trailer.

This part was the hardest part to think of because I couldn’t think of any particular music that would make it creepier. Until I thought of the Walking Dead Theme Song, which in my opinion portrays intimidation, eeriness, and is dramatically creepy. So I downloaded the MP3 from a Youtube video and imported the audio into the iMovie trailer with Toy Story. I actually had to put 2 Walking Dead theme audio clips because each were only 48 seconds, but I was able to make it work.

Then the last thing that I did to complete the assignment was place the darkest filter I could find on iMovie. Surprisingly it was the scifi filter which made it the darkest, so I went with it.

Overall, this was a very fun assignment that I wouldn’t mind doing with other movies. All I would need are some more instrumental songs to use for the trailers.

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