HIMYM Minimalist TV Poster

For this 3.5 star assignment, I had to either create a TV or Movie Poster using a Minimalist design. I’ve always liked looking at things with Minimalistic design qualities, so I was looking forward to this assignment. The only tricky part was picking one TV show or Movie which I would make a poster for. It was such a tough decision because I like so many shows and movies. Then I thought of one my favorite shows ever as I was scrolling through my Netflix that day. My decision ended up being “How I Met Your Mother” which lasted for 9 great seasons. It has always been my favorite shows because the episodes are short, and can always make me laugh even if I am watching it over again. After picking a show to create a minimalist poster, an idea immediately popped into my mind.

The idea that popped into my head was to use a simple Umbrella icon to represent the Yellow Umbrella which belongs to “Mother” that the whole series is supposed to find. So I found a minimalist icon of an umbrella on the Noun Project site and pasted it to my Autodesk Sketchbook App. Then I filled in the umbrella to make it yellow, found a color that perfectly represented the sky, and put a white cloud with the title to make sure it wasn’t boring but still minimalistic. As a fan of the series, I wouldn’t mind if this was used as a TV poster. 

Overall, I really like these kind of assignments because they take advantage of my artistic skills of design which I don’t get to show not often enough.

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