This week in Digital Storytelling, we have to do 8 stars worth of audio assignments from the audio bank. So I wondered what assignment I would want to do, because I wanted to do an assignment that was fun. It didn’t matter to me how many stars it had, it just had to sound fun to do. I was looking at the website for commenting on others’ assignments and I came across a person who had reversed a song using Audacity and had people guess what song it is as an assignment worth 3.5 stars.

After I saw that person’s example, I immediately thought that I could do that. It’s fun, and it seemed like I could figure out how to reverse a song using Audacity. Then I went to the internet to find the song that I wanted to reverse. I figured I would do a familiar song for others, so they would have fair guesses at it was. I downloaded the song. Placed in Audacity, reversed it. Then finally I listened to it, and posted it to SoundCloud.

Then we had to give 3 clues on what song it is. So here it goes

  1. This song is from the 1980s.
  2. This song’s music video was very popular, and is one of the most recognizable music videos of all-time today.
  3. The artist that sang this song, passed away a couple years ago.

Now, try to guess what song this is.

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