Lines, Dots, & Curve Tutorial

During my semester in ds106, I found this assignment to be the best assignment all year. This was the best assignment in my opinion because it was easy and fun. It was easy because you didn’t have to do a lot; all you had to do was follow the directions of drawing 4 lines, 5 dots, and a curve to make any sort of design. If you were able to do those three things, then you could easily complete this assignment. For this tutorial, I will show everyone what I did to make this assignment as easy as possible to complete.

I was able to make this video by figuring out how to take footage of my screen by researching how on Google. It turns out the Quicktime Player on Mac can record what you are doing on your screen and you can talk in the background. After I found this out, it was quite easy to make a tutorial for everyone.

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