Photography Reflections

I used to love taking pictures with a camera, I would go everywhere with a camera and would take pictures of all sorts of things. I’d always fill up the little cameras with like 30 pictures each. I never really showed my enthusiasm for photography to others, but I described myself as a closet photographer that knows how to take pictures. I never learned the terms needed for photography, I just took pictures. As I got older, my strength in my arms to lift up a camera got worse; so I didn’t take that much pictures. So to resolve this issue a little, I bought myself a fancy Samsung NX300 camera that had an adjustable LED screen to help me see when taking a picture. After I did this, I heard of a photography contest at the Virginia State Fair from my ¬†high school and decided I should enter it. I didn’t expect to win anything, but I actually got ribbon for one of my photos. It was a picture of a flower from the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens in Richmond. So for the next year, I entered again and had even more photos to submit. One of the Carolina Panthers statue at their stadium and other being an action shot of my dad jumping with a football like they do for football cards. Sadly, I didn’t win anything that year.

Here’s 2 of the photos that I mentioned above.

Botanical Flower_Ribbon Winner

Dad Football Card

Since then, I haven’t really taken that many pictures other than around the UMW campus on occasion. But I still like to take pictures whenever I go to any sort of event or museum. Also, I never enhance my pictures because I think that pictures should be the way you took the picture.

After looking at the different resources given, I probably won’t change my way of taking pictures because most of the things they mentioned, I already do. But I will probably try to learn the different terms and camera features, after reflecting on how awesome photography is.

Overall, I still love photography even if I know none of the terms or features of cameras. I also feel that I am a person that always takes pretty good pictures when given a camera.

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