Love & War

Before the war, Ricky was a scrawny kid from Brooklyn just trying to fit in with the world. He didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life. Whether he wanted to work at the local bank or trying to work as a waiter at the jazz joint on the other side of town. He just wanted to make a difference in the world. He didn’t know how, until Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japan in 1939.

Meanwhile, Ruby was a pretty girl fresh out of college who was working in her father’s newspaper company as his assistant that made sure he made his appointments. She thought that she could be doing more, but didn’t know how she could make a difference in the world. She didn’t know how , until the bombs hit the state of Hawaii.

From that point, Ricky immediately joined the Navy to support his country in World War II and Ruby quit her job with her father to be a nurse for wounded soldiers during World War II. Ricky was the cook on board the same ship as Ruby, and from the first time their eyes met. They knew they were the one’s for each other. After meeting her while she was standing in line across from him, he began to write letters to her and handing it to her whenever she was in line. And after reading them, she would respond the very next time she was in line. Then they would go back to their posts on opposite sides of boat. This lasted for years, until the War was over.

Finally, after years of writing to each other and falling in love, across from each other in the cafeteria line. They got to leave their posts and finally kiss the love of their life. He was now a cook for the Navy and she was a nurse. Now that they had found out each other by trying making a difference in the world, they now knew what their world was. It was each other.

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