Heroes Cereal Box

Heroes Cereal Box

This assignment was my favorite that I’ve done for Digital Storytelling this semester. Also, the assignment turned out to be a lot of stars at 4.5 stars. The assignment was to create your own cereal box cover using a mascot. So once again I immediately went to my Sketchbook app to start creating a cereal box cover.

I wanted to make a cereal box cover that was dedicated to the men and women that serve our country in the military. The best way that I thought of to dedicate a cereal box to them was to put the American Flag as the background of the cover. Then I tried to think of a mascot, which was a little more tricky. I searched google for cartoon soldiers, but every single one of them had a gun in their hands. Having a gun on a cereal box would not be a good idea, because people might think you are promoting guns. So my search went on until I found this awesome mascot, which I named Tank. After I put the mascot into the design, I easily came up with a name for my cereal. I figured that since this was dedicated to the military that it should be named after their proper names of “Heroes”.

To conclude, this would be an awesome cereal box that my parents would have been proud to pickup for me when I was a kid. But I probably would get this cereal now if I could just because of the cover.

One thought on “Heroes Cereal Box

  1. It’s not a bad design, but I wonder how it says “cereal” to you. I think I would have envisioned it as a Cheerio-type cereal, and substituted a cheerio for the “o.” You could also have fun with the typical cereal box language – “fortified with vitamins and minerals” would play into the military theme. Details like that are what makes a cereal box in my mind. Just a thought.

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