This week’s DesignBlitz was the assignment I was least looking forward to this week. I don’t know why I felt this way, but I had to get through this feeling and just do the assignment. So I did all the other assignments first and tried to take as many pictures as I could during the week. I’m not the best at understanding the different design concepts, but after reading Massimo Vignelli’s “The Vignelli Canon” and looking at some of the Design Resources; I was able to figure out which concepts I would take pictures for. Mostly, I just chose the concepts that I most understood of Colors, Typography, Minimalism/Use of Space, and Dominance. Here are the DesignBlitz photos used to display these different concepts.


In this picture, I took a photo of my Corsair K65 RGB Keyboard along with my Razer Mamba Tournament Edition Mouse. Since I’m able to change the colors on each of them, I set them to the Cool Colors of white, baby blue, blue, and violet. I figured this was the best way to show the concept of colors, because I can change this keyboard/mouse combo into any color I can think of.


UMW Typography

Meanwhile, for typography I took a picture of my University of Mary Washington Folder that I bought from the bookstore. In my opinion, this is a good example for typography because this is the perfect font for a college. It makes the name look prestigious and profession; which is definitely the theme that you want for a University.

Minimalism/Use of Space:

Minimalistic Desktop

The picture that I took to demonstrate the design concept of minimalism/use of space was of my Alienware Alpha Desktop. This is a good example of minimalism and use of space because the desktop is fit into a small cube instead of a huge tower. This type of minimalistic design helps save space on my desk, making me able to use my desk with extreme efficiency. From what I’ve learned about minimalism and the use of space is that simple, elegant designs that don’t take up lots of free space are what these concepts are all about.


Dominant Flower

This design concept was the hardest photo that I could find. I just couldn’t think of anything to take a picture of, until I remembered that I had already taken a picture that identified the design concept of dominance. At that moment, I searched all the photos on my computer until I found the pictures I had taken from the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. From that point, it was easy to find the right picture. This picture perfectly displays dominance because yours eyes immediately look towards the bright red flower. The bright warm colors of the red flower dominates over the plain cool color of green of the leaves around it.

To conclude, this was an assignment that I not was looking forward to. But after actually taking the time to do this assignment, I was able to realize that there was no reason for me to be worried about this specific assignment.

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