Character Resume

For this assignment, I had to create a resume for my created character of Buck Smith. It was actually quite easier than I expected because I just used the template that I already had for my own resume still saved on my computer.

All I had to do was erase all of my personal ¬†information from the template, and then fill it in with information that I thought up. I didn’t want the resume to be boring, so I tried to make awards that were sort of silly. I just would think up something that I felt would be included in Buck’s resume and tried to include it. The only thing in the resume that I really had to think about was his education. I decided that Buck being homeschooled would build a stronger bond with his father, who is the sheriff, and would probably be the norm in western communities. Then I chose a university out west that Buck could attend, because Buck should be smart to pull off portraying his dad all the time. The last thing I did for the resume was come up with clubs and activities that Buck would do in college; since he wanted to go into law enforcement, I tried to place Buck into clubs/activities that are well-respected.

To conclude, it was fun trying to expand the character of Buck by making him a resume.

Buck Smith Resume

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